When you are searching for a budget pistol, you want to find the best quality for the cost. This is where the Taurus G3c shines. With a comfortable handle and easy-to-use features, this semi-automatic handgun can provide gun owners with a lightweight, easily concealable option. And at $450 or less, this is an affordable addition to your firearm collection. But does the quality of the gun stand up to its cost? Learn more about its features and why it is a fantastic option if you are looking for extra bang for your buck.

The Highlights of the Taurus G3c

For gun enthusiasts looking for a compact pistol, the G-series from Taurus offers fantastic budget options. The Taurus G3c is the improved version of the previous Taurus G2c model. The slimmer G3c is the perfect size for a self-defense firearm, making it easily concealable. But while this handgun has a compact format, it is still sized for comfortable gripping and control. This pistol can hold up to 12 rounds of ammunition, though extended magazines are available. Just be aware that not all extended magazines are made with the best quality in mind. If you are considering an extended magazine, remember to do your research to find the best value and performance.

The Taurus G3c also offers comfortable ergonomics with a textured grip. Safety controls are placed for simple access, though this may be more easily controlled by right-handed shooters than left-handed ones. And unlike the plastic sights of its predecessors, the G3c comes with a sturdy metal sight. This feature alone helps this model stand up to other more expensive items on the market. The G3c also features higher quality materials for its frame, though its overall finish still falls into the budget category. This pistol is simple to disassemble and clean for easy upkeep.

What’s Available at Jim’s Firearms

At Jim’s Firearms, we currently have four options available online for the Taurus G3c pistol. Each 9mm semi-automatic handgun is available with a 12-round capacity and a barrel length of about 3.2 inches. Choose from:

These handguns range in price from $330 to $450, offering reliable quality without a high price tag. View these guns as well as other Taurus models from Jim’s Firearms to find the right handgun for you!

Find a Hi-Value Taurus G3c Today at Jim’s Firearms

If you have more questions about the Taurus G3c or are interested in finding one to add to your collection, get in touch with us at Jim’s Firearms today! We are proud to offer a wide selection of firearms for our customers, from the most seasoned shooters to new hunters. Contact your closest store location in Baton Rouge or Pensacola. Or, send us a message through our website. Whether you are searching for a new firearm, want to learn about accessories for your models, or need the services of a skilled gunsmith, we’re ready to help you find what you’re looking for.