KEL-TEC P50 5.7X28 BLK

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KEL-TEC P50 5.7X28 BLK


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  1. North Lilly

    I have found the P50 to be an amazingly accurate firearm, likely due to its 9+in barrel. Using an FN P90 style magazine it supports an impressive 50 rinds! The gun is, however, heavier than most handguns (adding a shoulder brace relieves this however) and even though recoil is minor it can become tiring to hold. Another issue I discovered was that while breaking in the magazines the fully loaded ones were a little finicky in engaging the trigger. Once the magazine was partially emptied this occasional misfire problem went away. Take away? I loved shooting and was impressed with its accuracy; but perhaps load the magazines with 40 rnds until the break in.

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