Custom 1911s

A pistol is one thing, but what do you think about getting something with some power and weight behind the name? A Custom 1911 might be the right choice for you! Avid firearm fans love the look of older-style guns. Especially the 1911, which has been a beloved firearm of the US Armed Forces in the past. Uniquely American, a 1911 is perfect for those who want a sense of nostalgia or want to have a deeper connection to the country. So don’t settle for a newer style gun if that’s not what you really want. Fulfill your dreams of having a 1911 with one of our Custom 1911s. As professionals, we not only have the gun for you, we make sure your new firearm is working seamlessly.

You deserve to have a handgun that doesn’t just look good and have power, you need a Custom 1911! Grab a look at one of our Custom 1911 pistols and get your own today.