Class III

At Jim’s Firearms, we want to provide you the ideal gun for your experience or collection. But what makes a gun a Class III firearm? The National Firearms Act (NFA) classifies a few weapons in certain ways due to their nature. Class III firearms are special because a Class III Special Occupational Taxpayer is needed to buy and sell these. You can only get these from a Federal Firearms License dealer. But what makes a firearm “Class III?” All current firearms and devices include full auto, select fire weapons, short barrel rifles with a barrel of less and 16 inches, short barrel shotguns with a barrel less than 18 inches, and suppressors for rifles or pistols. For more information about whether your gun of choice is right and available for you, ask one of our professionals or check your local gun laws.


We have you covered with our Class III firearms. Grab a look at our current selection and find the right ones for you!