Ready to purchase your first firearm or add another to your collection? It’s hard to beat the convenience of online shopping. When you buy from a reputable online dealer, you can view a vast selection and find exactly what you’ve been looking for in a few simple clicks. At Jim’s Firearms, we always strive to improve the purchasing experience for our in-store and online customers. So, if you’re ready to buy guns online but aren’t familiar with the process, learn what you can expect. 

Explore Our Vast Inventory

When you shop online with Jim’s Firearms, you can find plenty of options to suit your needs. If you’re searching for pistols, we offer 1911s, custom 1911s, revolvers, and semi-automatics. We also have several rifles, hunting rifles, shotguns, and hunting shotguns to choose from. Clicking on a firearm gives you additional information about it, such as the category it belongs to, the action type, caliber, capacity, barrel length, and condition. And, if you’d like to know more about a specific firearm and its features, you can call us or contact us online. We’re more than happy to answer your questions.

Buy Your Guns Online

Before you go forward with the purchasing process, you must have a full knowledge of your state and local gun laws. As the gun buyer, you are responsible for compliance with all federal, state, and local laws pertaining to the ownership, possession, and use of firearms. So, if you aren’t sure if a purchase may be legal for you to make in your area, don’t move forward with the transaction until you know for sure.

Once you’ve selected your firearm, it’s time to add it to your shopping cart and then check out as you would with any other online store. Jim’s Firearms makes this process as simple as possible. However, because you are purchasing a firearm, there are a few additional steps that must be taken before you can receive the item. 

Checking Out

You will need to provide information about yourself, including your driver’s license number, name, address, phone number, and email address. Next, you can choose to include shipping insurance, which can give you additional peace of mind for more expensive purchases. You will also see the product listed along with your subtotal and options to choose to pick up your item locally at one of our locations or to have your item shipped. 

If you choose to have a firearm shipped, note that it will not be shipped to your home. It must be sent to an authorized FFL dealer, where you can pick it up once your order is ready. If you are choosing to have your order shipped to an FFL dealer (which may include a local pawn shop, gun store, or other authorized dealer), you must fill out a transfer form.

Pick Up Your Purchase

Once you are notified that your item is ready for pickup, it’s time to collect your purchase. Visit your local Jim’s Firearms or chosen authorized FFL dealer and bring the necessary identification and documentation for your pickup. Fully inspect the firearm to ensure that there is no existing damage. If you notice signs of damage, inform the retailer. However, if you see no issues, complete the process with your retailer and enjoy your new firearm! 

If you need expert gunsmithing services for your new gun or want to make some modifications, we’re ready to help. And, if you would like to obtain your concealed carry permit in Louisiana, we offer classes to help you do it. Give us a call at 225-293-5467 for our Baton Rouge store or 850-912-6998 for our Pensacola location. Find the products and services you need at Jim’s Firearms.