It’s that time of year again! Have you started shopping for Christmas gifts yet? For many families who appreciate outdoor recreation, a new firearm can be the perfect present. If you have a tradition of hunting or target shooting, or if you would like to start one, a new shotgun could make a great choice. Imagine spending quality time with close friends or family members, bonding and enjoying nature. However, making the right choice isn’t always as simple and straightforward as it should be. Thankfully, Jim’s Firearms has you covered with three great shotguns you can buy online from our store! Explore some of the excellent firearms we offer. And learn more about them to decide which one might make the perfect gift this holiday season.

1. Mossberg 500 Pump 12-Gauge 28” Wood Stock

The Mossberg 500 Pump 12 Gauge is a long-renowned classic—and for good reason. The accuracy of this pump-action shotgun is legendary. The 28” barrel delivers a maximum firing range of 980 feet for slugs and 165 feet for birdshot/buckshot. This shotgun also has an impressive level of reliability, which is enhanced by the quality-crafted shell elevator. It’s not a fluke that the Mossberg 500 has been regularly used in competition for more than 50 years. And, at $449.95, it delivers exceptional quality at a price nearly anyone can afford! If you are searching for shotguns to buy online, it’s hard to go wrong with the Mossberg 500.

2. Kel-Tec KSG 12-Gauge Green

If you’re looking for a gift that enthusiasts love, the Kel-Tec KSG 12-Gauge is an excellent pick. It uses 12-gauge shells, including birdshot, buckshot, and slugs. And, its pistol grip and bullpup design can make it especially valuable as a highly maneuverable home defense weapon. However, this shotgun’s defining feature has to be its dual-tube magazine design. It allows the user to load two different types of shells at once, such as buckshot or birdshot. The user can then easily switch between both magazine tubes with the selector switch, providing the opportunity to swap to the optimal ammunition choice on the fly. 

3. Charles Daly Model 101 410 3”

If you want a gun that could provide a less intimidating introduction to shotguns, the Charles Daly Model 101 410 3” could be the right choice. It uses .410 caliber ammunition, the smallest commonly available shotgun shell. This translates to less recoil for the user, which can result in increased accuracy without the signature kick of some other shotgun choices. Whether you want to shoot skeet, targets, or game, the Charles Daly Model 101 410 3” can do it all. And, at a price of $159.95, it’s an incredible deal!

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