When it comes to firearms, you want to make sure every gun you keep is in peak condition. This doesn’t just provide for a safer shooting experience; it can also improve the accuracy of the firearm and keep it looking great. Unfortunately, some gun owners don’t understand just how important a gunsmith’s services can be for maintaining and preserving their firearms. But once you experience the difference, especially on the range or during a hunt, the importance of these services can become crystal clear. Find out how you can receive expert gunsmith services in Baton Rouge at Jim’s Firearms. And learn more about these services to see which ones could benefit you the most.

Gunsmithing Services That Meet Your Needs

Jim’s Firearms understands the importance our customers place on their guns, whether they own them for home defense, competitive sports, or recreational shooting. In each of these cases, you want to be sure that your firearm is up to the task. Part of this includes regular cleaning and maintenance, but there are also some other issues where it helps to get service from a pro. Explore a selection of the gunsmithing services we offer, including customization, maintenance, and more.

Barrel Threading

When you want to install a suppressor or muzzle brake, you want it done right. If the barrel isn’t threaded carefully, it can make installation difficult or impossible. At Jim’s Firearms, you can get your barrel threaded by our experienced gunsmith for the perfect fit.

Rust Bluing

When you have a classic firearm, our rust bluing service can provide increased protection that keeps it looking great longer. It uses a specially formulated coating for steel barrels and magazine tubes that gives firearms enhanced resistance against rust development. Additionally, it can also reduce light reflection, which helps in reducing glare when looking down the sights.

Recoil Pad Installation

Installing a recoil pad can be a real hassle if you’re trying to do it on your own. And, if you make a mistake with your modification, it can be costly. So having your recoil pad installed by a professional gunsmith in Baton Rouge can pay off in a number of ways. Instead, trust an experienced gunsmith at Jim’s Firearms to get it right the first time, potentially saving you time and money in the process.


If you have a treasured firearm from your early years or perhaps even a family heirloom, our restoration services can bring it back from the brink or even help it look like new. And we even repair and restore guns that have suffered water damage, which can be especially useful for guns that have been dropped in water or impacted by flooding.


There are several excellent reasons to rebarrel a firearm, from increased precision to choosing a new caliber, changing the look, or changing the gun’s weight. At Jim’s Firearms, we offer pistol and rifle rebarreling services that can meet your needs. We use barrels from nationally recognized manufacturers, including Douglas, Shilen, and Hart barrels, to ensure exceptional quality.

Need Gunsmith Services in Baton Rouge? Choose Jim’s Firearms

We also offer several other excellent services, such as parkerizing, 1911 customization, scope mounting and bore sighting, and much more. So, whether you want to improve the function of your firearm or enhance its look, we’re ready to help. If you would like to know more about our gunsmithing services or our inventory, give us a call at 225-293-1490 or contact us online. Experience the Jim’s Firearms difference today!