If you are a proud owner of firearms or plan to become one, you know that weapons need to be properly maintained to function optimally. And, when a part becomes broken or needs replacement, choosing a trained professional for the job is usually best. Additionally, when it comes to customization or modifications, choosing an experienced pro is best. Many turn to armorers or gunsmiths for these services, which makes sense because the two overlap in some areas. However, many may not know that there are differences in terms of what both can do. If you are in Baton Rouge and are unsure if you need the services of a gunsmith or an armorer, Jim’s Firearms is here to help. Learn more about gunsmiths and armorers to see which one may be the best choice for you.

What Can an Armorer Do?

Armorers are trained in gun maintenance. They will typically be able to inspect guns and provide repairs for worn parts. They may also install new components to a gun working within the confines of what is included in technical manuals. In addition, armorers tend to offer gun repair services and should have the right tools to work on any firearm that they claim to service. For example, they may use the AR15 bench block that holds key gun parts for pin removal and installation. However, they do not create parts and do not provide customization or modification services. This is a key difference between armorers and gunsmiths.

What Can a Gunsmith Do?

On the other hand, gunsmiths can do the same work as armorers but also offer much more. Like armorers, gunsmiths can inspect and repair firearms. And, like armorers, they have the tools needed to properly service customers’ firearms. However, the training gunsmiths undergo is more in-depth than armorers. One of the main reasons for this is because, unlike armorers, gunsmiths can fabricate their own parts. Additionally, gunsmiths can modify and customize parts as well. This may require the use of a lathe or mill, which is outside the scope of an armorer’s training. 

At Jim’s Firearms in Baton Rouge, we offer several gunsmith services to meet the needs of our customers. These include:

  • Barrel threading and muzzle brake installation
  • Cerakote
  • Cleaning and general maintenance
  • Recoil pads installed and fitted to the length
  • Choke tube installed, forcing cones lengthened
  • Bluing (matte, polished)
  • Rust Bluing
  • Parkerizing
  • Stock finishing from spray on to hand-rubbed oil finish
  • Rifle and pistol rebarreling using McGowan and Shilen barrels
  • Cowboy action jobs on rifles, shotguns, and revolvers
  • Customizing 1911 pistols
  • Complete restoration work for fire or water damaged guns or refurbishing an old family heirloom
  • Scopes mounted and bore-sighted while you wait
  • Sling swivels installed
  • Revolver timing and tuning

If you’re looking for an experienced professional to provide these services for your guns, see what our trusted and experienced gunsmiths can do for you. They are ready to take your shooting experience to the next level.

Searching for a Reliable Gunsmith in Baton Rouge?

When you want gunsmithing services from knowledgeable professionals, we’re here to help. Simply stop in at our Siegen location or call 225-293-5467 to get started. And, if you would like to obtain your concealed carry permit, we offer classes on Saturdays which you can sign up for here. Whatever your firearm needs, get the quality, service, and selection you deserve with Jim’s Firearms.