Hunting season is upon us! Or for some of us, it has already begun. Jim’s Firearms is your premier gun retailer with a variety of firearms to help you prepare for the hunt. If you aren’t located close enough to visit us in person, don’t worry. You can find our top selections available online! Whether you are hunting deer or waterfowl, these are the five best rifles for hunting season in our online gun store. Snag your favorite and get ready for duck, deer, turkey, or squirrel season—or just to add a new beauty to your collection.

1. Sako 85 L Finnlight 300 Win Mag

Some hunters may stagger at this Sako rifle’s $1795 price point, but its features and sleek aesthetic make it worth its price tag. This model is known for its high level of accuracy. The lightweight Sako 85 L Finnlight 300 Win Mag features a barrel length measuring 24.5 inches. It also holds a modest three rounds. Its impressive accuracy and mild recoil make this an effective rifle for deer season.

2. Ruger American Compact Rifle 7MM-08

There are many varieties of Ruger Americans on the market. Each offers great accuracy at an average cost of $400. The 7mm-08 model is a bolt action rifle that holds four rounds. We will admit, this rifle may not be the most beautiful in the bunch. But, it provides a high-quality function for a reasonable price. Visit Jim’s Firearms online to find a wide range of Ruger American rifles, from the Ranch FDE to the Predator 350 Legend.

3. Mossberg 500 Bantam 20GA

Since the 1970s, Mossberg rifles have been used by hunters, police, and the military. For a standout addition to your duck hunting rifles, check out the Mossberg 500 Bantam 20GA. This beautiful pump action rifle features a barrel length of 22 inches and carries five rounds. Many enthusiasts consider this shotgun to be multi-purpose. It can act as a hunting rifle, especially for deer or waterfowl, or be used for home defense. Find this model at Jim’s Firearms for $459.95. Or, search through some of Mossberg’s other best rifles from our online gun store.

4. Ruger 10/22 Deluxe Sport

For squirrel and small game, the Ruger 10/22 Deluxe Sport packs a punch without hurting your wallet. This semi-auto rifle holds 10 rounds and can be customized to carry extended magazines, but know that the ammo you choose can impact its accuracy. This rifle is easily customized to improve accuracy with scopes and other accessories. It’s easy handling and compact nature also make it a great option for a survival rifle. Visit our online store to find multiple editions of the Ruger 10/22, from synthetic and camo finishes to engraved stocks.

5. Savage Rascal Youth Rifle 22LR

Are your kids ready to join you on a hunt? Let them give the low-cost Savage Rascal Youth Rifle 22LR a try for squirrel hunting! The Savage Rascal line of rifles is designed to be lightweight and easy to carry for smaller arms. With an adjustable trigger, your child can customize their gun to fit them perfectly. For added security, the Rascal is a single-shot, making it a fantastic option for training and staying safe on your hunt. It’s even available in multiple colors, like pink, purple, and an American Flag pattern. Find the best starter rifle for your kids in our online gun store.

Find the Rifles You Need From the Best Online Gun Store

No matter if you’re hunting deer ducks or small game, Jim’s Firearms is here to help you get ready for hunting season. Shop our range of firearms for the perfect handgun or rifle for the season. Don’t forget to stock up on extras to enhance your season, from scopes and additional rounds to hunting knives. If you have any questions about our firearms, send us a message through our online store. Or, give us a call at your closest brick-and-mortar location! You can reach our Baton Rouge store at (225) 293-JIMS (5467) or our Pensacola store at (850) 912-6998. We look forward to helping you find the tools you need for a successful hunting season!