Beretta is a well-known and long-trusted name in the firearm industry. You can find their pistols used in the military as well as in the homes of gun enthusiasts across the country. Originally an Italy-based company, Beretta handguns are now an American staple. If you are searching for a new handgun, these Beretta pistols may be just what you’re looking for! Check out the best Berettas that you can find at Jim’s Firearms.

1. Beretta APX Centurion 9mm

This 9mm striker-fired handgun has a barrel length of 3.7 inches, weighs 27 ounces, and can hold 15 rounds of ammunition. The Centurion is a mid-sized gun designed with great ergonomics and control. Designed with a crisp trigger break, this handgun offers more comfort when firing. The Centurion has a striker-fired system, slide stop, and barrel locking system. These features make this pistol feel unique when compared to other Beretta APX pistols.

2. Beretta APX Carry FDE 9mm

This subcompact semi-automatic is your perfect Beretta pistol for concealed carry. With a slim barrel length of 3.07 inches and a weight of about 20 ounces unloaded, it is easy to carry and is virtually unnoticeable. This pistol is great for one-handed shooting, is easy to control, and is designed for ambidextrous use. This handgun has a low price point, making it a fantastic, affordable option for a self-defense pistol. The APX Carry is also a great option for the most seasoned handgun owner to the newest!

3. Beretta M9 Commercial 9mm

Take a look at the classic Beretta model. For those looking for accuracy and ease of shooting, this is a reliable model for any gun owner. The Beretta M9 has been a well-loved and well-used model by the United States Military for years. With semi-automatic action, this pistol is fast and simple to reload. The Beretta M9 commercial 9mm handgun has a barrel length of 4.9mm and can hold 15 rounds. This pistol weighs in at 33 ounces which helps to tame recoil and muzzle flip for faster shooting.

4. Beretta 92FS Stainless 9mm

This model carries many similarities to the M9, but these Beretta pistols are not identical. Whereas the M9 comes with a two-dot sight, the 92FS features a 3-dot sight configuration. It also comes with a radiused back strap. Like the M9, this pistol can hold 15 rounds. The 92FS is a great option for a self-defense weapon. This model is comfortable to hold and compliant for a concealed carry. Do note, however, that at 33 ounces this model can be heavy for daily wear. 

Find These Beretta Pistols at Jim’s Firearms

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